The Top 12 Types Of Stickers That Can Unlock Your Business Growth
Olivia William February 8, 2023

It must be exhausting to select your best from the many stickers, right? Although they look the same but work differently. Knowing the stickers’ quality, material, and features is essential before buying. We know, Every sticker has its advantages and disadvantages. In that regard, this article has the top 12 types of stickers. It will help you to select the best for you.

Here are the Top 12 Types of Stickers 

Many stickers contain different qualities and harm. Some are eco-friendly, and some are not. Some are made for harsh conditions, and some are not. In that regard, we listed 12 different types of stickers to make sure you understand. 

Order bulk custom stickers cheap

Bulk Stickers:

You will get a pretty good discount per sticker when you order stickers in bulk. It is promising for those who do eCommerce or wholesale business because they will do more shipping work. These bulk stickers can be used on almost every product, including clothes, boxes, cosmetics, instruments, and other accessories. That is the quick and cheapest way to boost your sales. 

Moreover, When you use stickers inside and outside the box, those people will be familiar with you but don’t know you. That way, you can deliver your message to every person who passes by the shop. As it’s written that it is so cheap, many business people distribute free stickers to gain their trust. Overall, compared to their price, these stickers would never disappoint you.


  1. If you order in bulk, you get a fabulous discount.
  2. You can use it as a brand promoter 
  3. Affordable and make your brand unique 
  4. You can distribute stickers on the special occasion 
  5. You don’t have to wait for individual stickers to arrive, and then you start. Order in bulk and start applying
custom stickers

Custom Stickers

There are many requests from charities looking to get stickers made of supporters. Even the school team and colleges will identify the unit with stickers. Additionally, these will help to increase your sales and boost the business. What better way to show where you’ve visited than with stickers showcasing each county? If you are an artist looking for new ways to showcase your designs, these custom stickers are a great choice.

Whether you want it for uniform, scouts, badges, fire department, or military uses, these patches can be customized just like you want. Your imagination can end, but the uses of these patches will not. You can customize it according to the style, color, graphics, and anything you like. 


  1. you can create unique designs that can attach to all kinds of textiles 
  2. Emergency services, security services, and all brands have taken all advantage of our custom stickers
  3. These will work like a showcase that increases the beauty and attract customers 
  4. Design a variety of stickers at a low price 
  5. Their design stands out against the classics.

Transparent Stickers:

By using transparent stickers, you can see behind them. They are made of plastic or PVC, which never beats up in versatility and affordability. You can use these stickers in food, beverage, cosmetics, car shields, and anything that you want to see through. Many people use stickers under the windows, rear, and shield.

When you apply that, all you have to do is ensure that the texture is clean. Because it matters a lot as it will represent the overall look. Moreover, apply these stickers on a dark background because, in low texture, stickers may lose their visibility. However, They can be a fantastic gift for your family and friends. 


  1. Clear stickers are made up of plastic, so they will not absorb water 
  2. These stickers can repair little cracks or breakage. 
  3. They keep the layout neat and make it spotless. 
  4. They are mostly waterproof and main the viscosity of the product 
  5. You can use these in outdoor and rugged climates. 

Metallic Stickers:

The main reason for the increasing popularity of metallic stickers is that they are solid and durable enough. You can communicate with brands, advertise, and add beauty to the product. These are non-yellowing stickers that are great for making labels, also. They are also called metallic foil stickers, labels, and tags. You can use them on the packaging, food, jewelry, candles, and anything you want to advertise. 

Metallic stickers contain several properties that will rarely find in other stickers. Likewise, they are solid adhesives and water resistant. This type of sticker is made from BOPP, plastic, and vinyl. Because of that, they provide a holographic and metallic look. Overall, these stickers are the way to go if you want your stickers to be durable, water resistant, and a great marketing tool.


  1. They are sturdy and durable enough to provide the incredible look 
  2. Waterproof and non-yellowing 
  3. Can apply outside and inside because of the UV resistance 
  4. You can print high-impact graphics, also
  5. With high-end cost, you can create high-end stickers. 

Business Stickers

These stickers represent the business and as a substitute for a business card. In that way, you can attract new customers and merchandise your business. Or You can create company name or logo stickers and sell them online. Manu business people even give stickers free for each purchase. However, business stickers are a great way to boost the business and increase sales. 

You may spend less on bespoke packaging as a small business. If that is so, these stickers will help you in many ways. All you want to do is design them uniquely and give them a personalized touch. On the other side, hand out stickers with funny sayings and cool designs relevant to your industry.


  1. You can create goodwill with your employees and customers, also 
  2. Let these promote you to a shallow rate 
  3. Apply these on storefront windows to follow the current trend and famous cases. 
  4. It will showcase the business and remind everyone about your brand.
  5. It is the polite way of thanking and supporting.

Foil Stickers:

Foil stickers include the embossed effect. They contain a metallic texture and shine in the light. As foil stickers, it is a process of glossy metallic colors to the marketing material. These foils create a much smoother surface which reflects more light and therefore looks shinier. As an appearance, it looks stunning and gives a luxurious look. 

Foil stickers are used in greeting cards, packaging, brochures, and leaflets. There are a variety of options of colors you will find in these stickers. But. The color black is trendy. You can use black as a background and yellow, pink, and blue for designs. These foiling designs are favorites in weddings or any invitation card.


  1. It can enhance the look more than any sticker do 
  2. When they shine in the light, it looks incredibly amazing 
  3. These s also popular in weddings, greeting cards, or invitation 
  4. They are so much smoother and shinier 
  5. It includes a holographic foil option, which diffracts the light to reflect different colors.

Gold Stickers:

Gold stickers are perfect if you want to create a luxurious look. These are laminated with gold on specific areas. They are self-adhesive based on affordability and uniqueness. Gold stickers are your answer if your ticket needs to know what to give your wife, boss, or coworker. The most simple things can become luxurious with these stickers. 

Gold sticker is also used as decoration for promotional items. Even the most discerning customer will be impressed by it. You can apply these stickers on laptops, computers, TV, musical instruments, books, notebooks, wallets, and passport cover cars. Moreover, These stickers are applied to all surfaces, including plastic, metal, glass, wood, or leather. 


  1. It adds a unique haptic experience 
  2. It adds a luxurious look even in boring product 
  3. They are a little more expensive than other stickers because of the gold finishing 
  4. Use these on a wedding anniversary or as a gift 
  5. These are popular for customizing products.

Die-cut Stickers

Die-cut stickers are called die-cut when you cut a printed sticker into the desired shape. A straight cut is made through the vinyl and paper backing to fit the exact shape of the design. It is better than average or given shape because of previous features. That’s Why they are called more fabulous stickers rather than plain stickers. 

Die-cut sticker a type of stickers is a creative way to send invitations for upcoming event celebrations. With these stickers, you don’t have to worry about remembering the events. All you have to do is apply it on the calendar, and they will work as reminders. Like that idea, you can do many creative things with these die-cut stickers. But these are not for advertising. If you are looking for something to promote, it is recommended to select other stickers.


  1. Because they already cut into our desired desire, they rupture the audience. 
  2. They are more suitable for gifting and inviting purposes rather than promotion. 
  3. Die-cut stickers give a chance to your creativity so you can invent something new. 
  4. They are more attractive as compared to plain stickers
  5. It is completely customized according to your artwork

Kiss-cut Stickers:

The word “kiss-cut stickers” means laser or die-cutting techniques in the stickers. Simply put, they are surrounded by removable backing material bigger than stickers. By leaving the backing material on the stickers, they were able to cut them. But the cuts are light, so they are also easy to peel, So the backing material remains intact. 

Kiss-cut sticker is ideal for delicate products because the backing helps them and keeps them produced. You can easily peel the sticker, so they are worth considering. However, you can choose the custom shape, but it will have a backing around the stickers.


  1. They tend to be easier to peel 
  2. The sticker can be printed on the vinyl around it
  3. You can use them to add extra details or information to your design.
  4. The backing material protects the edges of the sticker until peeled out 
  5. They are less Freddy and designed to prevent wear and tear. 

Round Stickers:

As the name indicated, they are round and circular that can be customized to any design. Round stickers are primarily used in Soap and toiletry labels, Cosmetics labels, Flowers and florist stickers, Candle labels, and Retail price labels. Well, it can be placed in any orientation and has infinite symmetry. That makes them also ideal for jars, tubes, or the top of lids.

The round sticker will work classy if you use quality material. Likewise, if the sticker you want to use them for outdoor purposes, choose the laminated labels. Or, you have the choice of permanent and removable adhesive. Overall, these round stickers become ideal for everyone if you use the godi quality, design, or colors.


  1. If you Compare square or rectangular shapes, the round shape edge can peel away more quickly. 
  2. Their lack of corners means that the potential for pulling away from the surface is significantly reduced. 
  3. Where the sharp edge can peel away easier, circular stickers offer a reliable choice.
  4. Their symmetrical core allows them to create simple yet practical designs.
  5. Round labels are an incredible shape for developing an impactful design.

Vinyl Stickers:

Vinyl stickers are made up of plastic or PVC. There are 2 types of stock options available white and transparent. Cutting these stickers is made possible with die-cutting or plotter-cutting. They are utilized for commercial use and decorating rooms. Whether you wish to use it in your room to promote the brand, services, vehicles, business, or other accessories is up to you. Vinyl tattoos, wall stickers & brand stickers are also called PVC or vinyl stickers. Moreover, custom sticker maker vies the choice to design whatever you wish.

Vinyl sticker is durable and long lasting as compared to paper stickers. Because paper stickers are easily marked and ruined with water or oil. You don’t have to face these situations if you use vinyl stickers. When it comes to durability, look, and feel, these stickers survive longer


  1. Easily peel off, which means they are simply removable 
  2. Resist tearing, fading as well as losing their stickiness.
  3. Durable and long-lasting 
  4. They are also resistant to weather 
  5. Environmentally friendly

Sticker Sheets:

Sticker sheets are pages of different stickers that are peelable. When it comes to its components, They store easily and lie flat. These are used to group stickers together and create a theme. The size and shape of the design depend upon the number of stickers per sheet. They are a fun manner and convenient alternative to printing multiple stickers.

It feels exhausting and unproductive when you need to peel multiple stickers. But with the sticker sheet, you don’t have to waste your time because they give an effortless peeling. They are also used for children to practice neat pincer grasp for skills.


  1. You can create a theme of designs with sticker sheets 
  2. They make a distribution to breeze 
  3. They are optimized shape and also come in different shapes 
  4. You can use them as a call to action 
  5. It promotes creativity and events event to try.

Add On’s For Top 12 Types Of Stickers

There are Multiple types of add on’s to make the stickers look more vibrant or attractive.

Selecting From The Top 12 Types Of Stickers

The article concludes that 12 different types of stickers are available, each with different features and benefits. Depending on your needs, you can choose from bulk, custom, transparent, metallic, and business stickers. Each type of sticker has its own characteristics, such as durability, waterproofing, and UV resistance.

By understanding the different types of stickers, you can select the best one for you and use it to promote your brand, increase sales, or communicate with customers. An online custom sticker manufacturer USA can help you select the best type of sticker for your product.

Want to start a stickers business? Ideas For Starting A Custom Sticker Business.

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