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tags May 10, 2023

Custom metallic stickers and labels are high on glass, demanding, and unique. These waterproof and non-yellowing stickers are great for making labels, also. You can use these metallic stickers for promoting, branding, or decoration purposes. In the custom manufacturer option, you can design your style. Promoting cards and metallic stickers are the way to move every business card.

Multi-color options are available with a polished metal finish and rich luster. They can become ideal for any situation, whether you want to give a premium look or catch the customers’ eye. Metallic makes the gold label easy to design and inexpensive. That’s how, without the high-end cost, you can create high-end stickers.

Now, you must think about what metallic stickers are made up of. Where to use these stickers? What are the benefits and so on? Here you will find the answer to your upcoming question that will clear your thoughts about these stickers.

using metallic stickers

About custom Metallic stickers and labels 

Metallic stickers are types of stickers, also called metal labels, metal foils, metallic labels, and foil asset tags. These types of stickers are made from plastic, BOPP, or vinyl. They provide a holographic, rainbow, or metallic look. It also gives a foiling effect without hot or cold stamp foiling. Those stickers, made of metallic material, can be customized logo stickers and labels on the product.

Now the question arises: are metallic stickers waterproof? So as an answer, yes. They are waterproof and rugged, wearing stickers and labels that have a high gloss and are resistant to static. These stickers can utilize inside and outside because of their UV resistance. You can print high-impact graphics in logo stickers to create awesome stickers.

Where to use custom metallic stickers?

Custom metallic stickers are also used for advertising your brand or promoting the business. It included packaging like food, jewelry, and candles. Also, folders, vehicle wraps, or any product you want to promote. Branders spent thousands of dollars in advertising and branding the business. If we have the alternative at even half their price, why settle for less than this?

To attract attention, use these stickers in promotional stuff like visiting cards, business cards, invitational cards, or cut to any required shape. Custom-printed die-cut stickers have a customized shaping option. Selecting vivid colors and excellent graphics while choosing the stickers will give an excellent first impression of you in front of every eye.

Custom metallic stickers purposes:

Custom metallic labels have a gorgeous metallic finish that expresses a premium look. They contain several properties like strong adhesion, water resistance, and non-yellowing. Since metallic stickers have a clean and glossy look, they enhance the appearance, whereas they stick. Additionally, it will not contain a mark when you peel them off, unlike other stickers.

Custom metallic stickers and labels have the options of tonnes of colors, shapes, and sizes. They can also be customized and become unique, attractive, and easily noticeable. You can include tags, QR scans, messages, images, or anything. They work as a marketing tool and make an impressive visual impact on the product. These stickers are the way to go if you want to make a fantastic branding tool.

What extra can you do with the customized option of metallic stickers?

Customized options include colors like rose gold, copper, aluminum, silver, rainbow, gold, holographic gold, crystal holographic, and more than you expected. Choosing appropriate colors that go with your brand and customize your styles. Not only for the business, they also look ideal in your school’s locker, office desk, or cupboards.


Are these stickers expensive? No, metallic stickers are not expensive and come at an affordable price. These stickers can communicate with people and become the best branding tool. They are sturdy and durable enough to provide a professional look.

They are easy to create, highly glossy, and very durable. Consider carefully choosing the right design for your stickers, or let a custom stickers manufacturer design your sticker. They are in high demand and use even in front vehicle panels and mobile and laptop covers.

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