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    Artwork Guideline

    What are bumper stickers? A bumper sticker is typically an adhesive sticker or label with an expression intended to adhere to the bumper of a vehicle and to be visibly read by the passengers of other automobiles or other objects upon which they may be affixed. Typically, most bumper stickers are around 30 centimetres in size and are typically made from heavy-duty PVC.

    What Are Bumper Stickers

    Well, the answer is simple: bumper stickers are a sort of self-adhesive vinyl adornment meant to adorn the bumper, the truck, or any other vehicle. They are typically used to make a statement or to promote a business, organization, or individual. Since they are meant to adorn the bumper, they are normally rectangular or square in shape. However, there are now a variety of bumper sticker designs available.

    Material and Making of Bumper Sticker

    Although their composition is never specifically disclosed, usually a high-quality vinyl is used. This material is highly resistant to adverse weather conditions such as snow, rain, and sun. In addition, since the sticker does not have a backing, it is less susceptible to staining or fading.

    The typical adhesive backing of a bumper sticker contains a pattern or graphic. When the sticker is applied to a bumper, it initially sticks to the surface, but once it is cured, it falls off because it is now free of any adhesives. Thus, bumper stickers do not require cutting, glueing, or stitching.

    Usage of Custom Bumper Stickers

    Most popularly, stickers are used to make a statement. They can be used on cars to express a political opinion, show support for certain organizations, or declare an issue or belief. Bumper sticker makers can also serve as billboards with messages that include the advertisers' contact information.

    Bumper stickers generally appeal to a wide audience, but this is not always the case. Generally, stickers are aimed at teenagers and young adults, who are considering the largest target audience of stickers. However, other groups and individuals are also likely to use bumper stickers. For instance, students may use stickers to denote their independence from other students or to identify campus locations.

    How to Order Custom made Bumper Stickers

    Bumper sticker companies typically have several options: to design and produce thousands of bumper stickers a week. The designs that create according to the choice of the Client. A large number of individual artists work with our Company in order to provide the best solution for bumper sticker artwork. Our artists often create custom stickers based on customer specifications and designs.

    Customization of Custom Bumper Sticker

    There are different sizes of bumper stickers, come in a variety of sizes. Some stickers are meant to cover a specific area, such as a car's windshield, while others are smaller and made to decorate a vehicle's license plate. There are Custom sized stickers available for trucks, car stickers, and boats, and there are universal sizes available for both vehicles and clothing.

    How we sell bumper stickers

    After an original bumper sticker has been printed, it can be sold at a craft store, flea market, or through a website online. There are also websites that offer bumper sticker artwork for purchase, which can be customized by adding a personalized message.

    Why Choose Us

    When you know what you want, it's time to decide where you want to order your bumper stickers. The simplest way to go about this is to start with Tags N Labels. Most businesses have a standard set of offerings, and it's likely that your chosen printing company offers them as well. From our website, you simply need to decide where you want to place your order. Depending on what you're using your sticker for, there are a few different options to consider. We are offering free shipping all over the USA. Our staff is 24/7 available for customer support to give you a better vision.

    Size Available in All Custom Sizes
    Style Available in All Styles & Shapes
    Colors CMYK, PMS (Pantone Matching System), Spot Colors, No Printing
    Quantities 10 - 500,000
    Stock Standard Sticker, White Vinyl Sticker, Transparent Sticker, Transparent Vinyl Sticker
    Coating Gloss Lamination, Matt Lamination, Spot UV, Full UV
    Options Window Patching, Embossing, Foiling (Gold, silver, Cooper, Red, Blue)
    Proof Option Digital Proof
    Turnaround 15 business days after all proof and approvals are completed

    Artwork Preparation Guide

    If your graphic files do not meet our specifications, Blue Box Packaging will not be charged for any resulting typographical errors. Read our artwork preparation to prepare your files for submission, or contact us for help from a packaging specialist!

    design template dieline
    design template cuttingscorring area

    Cut & Crease Line (Red Lines):

    Displays the section in its final size and where the box should be folded.. Important graphics and text should be placed at least 0.125 inches from the cut line.

    design template bleed area

    Bleed Line (Blue Lines):

    Indicates where the drain section is located. All graphics that run up to the cut line should be extended to the cut line for a transparent print.

    design template safe area

    Safety Margin(Green Lines):

    Specifies where to safely place illustrations and text. As an industry standard, all graphics should be placed at least 0.125 inches from the cut line unless your design is intended.

    design template perforation line

    Perforation (Dotted Black Lines):

    The perforation line refers to paper punched with very small holes to make it easier to tear and fold the paper.


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      Additional Information:

      Gloss LaminationMatt LaminationFoilingEmbossingSpot VU CoatingFull VU CoatingRound Corner

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