Top Ten Types of patches that will help you select the best for you
Olivia William January 3, 2023

Patches can make clothes, hats, jackets, and other accessories more fashionable and exciting. Some are printed, woven, embroidered, and leather, which provides endless or non-stop fields. But the question is, what are the best ten types of patches for you to consider to improve brand visibility in the market and promote your products?

There are top ten types of patches according to their durability, texture designs, materials, and much more. Choosing the correct patch for you must be tough for those who need to learn the difference. To make your life easier, we list a few patches for better understanding. 

Here are the top Ten types of patches 

The first time you buy the patches, the process may be overwhelming and challenging. As we know, they all look similar but work on several different products. Ten the most popular types of patches that are best suited for your choice. 

Chenille Patches 

Chenilles’ name comes from a caterpillar because they both have the same fuzz on the top. They have a soft and fuzzy nature and can be designed with embroidery if desired. Chenille patches are in any color or shape or available in many materials, including cotton, satin, canvas, nylon, and many more. 

Now the question arises, where should chenille patches be used? Because they show they can utilize the 3D effect in gifts, caps, garments, hoodies, t-shirts, crafts, or especially in letterman jackets, fashion brands, or sports teams.


  1. Made up of high quality, which means no wrinkles.
  2. It contains unique textures and soft to touch 
  3. Creates 3D effects and adds visual interest 
  4. Durable and think than other embroidery patches
  5. To facilitate application and removal, backing with custom velcro patches can be added.
  6. If exposed to snags and scratches, they can withstand damage.

Embroidery Patches

The usage of embroidery is an old tradition, yet everyone likes it. It is created by thread and fabric backing with a slice of embroidery. It is often known as a cloth badge and can easily attach to a sewn or pin. Patches that serviceman wear of their uniform denoted the unit are usually embroidered.

It is used in garments to improve the look as per the necessity of a uniform. Nowadays, embroidered patches are employed by government organizations, including uniforms of military forces to denote rank or space agencies on the uniforms of astronauts to denote the mission.


  1. Less expensive compared to direct embroidery 
  2. An excellent way for brands to advertise or promote their product. 
  3. A Velcro patch can be added to the backside to ease application and removal. So easily removable or can be reused, 
  4. embroidered patches can clean several times without losing their beauty. 
  5. It can also use in manufacturing, hospitality, and healthcare for an extended period.

Leather Patches:

Leather patches can use for everyday items, logos, debossed, brands, etc. These patches are also used in bags, beanies, hats, jackets, shirts, or other accessories. Their customized option makes it more attractive and trendy. They are stylish, unique, and sophisticated and always keep it in fashion and trends.

You can have custom designs when choosing the leather patch. It gives you the freedom to create anything you think of. Additionally, don’t worry about how long it’s going to stay. Its durability power stays looking great for decades.


  1. Made up of versatile material that enhances the finished product.
  2. leather patch designs are eye-catching and unique
  3. It acts as marketing material for your business.
  4. Their uniqueness makes every product look better.
  5. They contain high-quality material that effectively elevates a garment. 
  6. For the patch’s safety, using a custom velcro patch make application and removal easier before washing.

Morale Patches:

Morale patches troops wear on their uniform and contain funny lines. They help denote a specific field or unit, but any government doesn’t issue them. Believe me or not, these people got little respect and attention compared to what they did. It is for those people who save lives and didn’t even get attention, like the military, festoon, and firefighters. While working day and night gives them support and devotion. 

Moral patches show dedication towards a specific group. Wearing morale patches is an excellent manner to stimulate others’ pride. They are ideal for building a team and encouraging one effort. However, make your morale patches with styles and crazy lines that will attract buyers and enhance their looks.


  1. Durable and are sure to last. 
  2. Used to identify the specific unit, field, or any time of division.
  3. Velcro patches can be added on the backside to apply or remove easily. 
  4. So-called a stress reliever because it contains humorous jokes.
  5. It Offers strength and durability design options such as 2D and 3D.

Name Patches:

As the name refers, this type of patch is worn outside the clothes to display the character. It can be for any product, title, or purpose you want. These small patches do not sound fun at all, but believe me or not, and These patches help to boost sales.

By using name patches, customers easily recognize your brand name or store for later shopping. Instead of spending plenty of money on patches, try name patches to promote your brand. How you design the name patch will be how customers see you.


  1. Represents the company to the customers 
  2. It can be a walking advertisement 
  3. Builds brand recognition in a short time 
  4. Boosts sales and reflects your identity 
  5. Using name patches, customers will easily find you.
custom patches

Custom Patches:

Custom patches have no restrictions on where to use and where to not. These type of patches can be applied wherever you want. You can customize the design, style, size, graphics, quotes, and everything according to your choice. The most significant benefit of custom patches is adding your brand’s logo and promoting it. Custom patches can be embroidered, woven, leather, tactical, PVC, or so on.

Custom patches are used when an individual patch does not meet customers’ expectations. In that regard, they have the right to choose whatever and however they want. By adding the logo and name of the brand, you can catch customers’ eyes. Moreover, you can go seasonal on custom patches like snow and Santa cross on Christmas or pumpkin on Halloween. 


  1. They create Your imaginational design into real 
  2. Design, shape, size, and color according to buyers’ demand 
  3. Applied to t-shirts, hats, jackets, or any accessories 
  4. Using the backing of personalized velcro patches made it easy to take off without destroying it.
  5. It is suitable for business and promoting purposes.

PVC Patches:

The name of PVC patches indicates the PVC (polyvinyl chloride). It is made up of polymer chains containing repeated molecules of atoms. They have many purposes in industrial and natural resources. PVC patches enhance your logo and designs with their material. These are different from other patches in how they manufacture and how they are used. These patches do not go for clothing like chenille and embroidery patches do. Rubber patches are used on keychains, footwear, packaging, sports clothes, footwear, surf, and car merchandise. 

They are attached to the clothing and t-shirt Backpack, hat, or to name anything. Because they are made up of plastic, they are not even expensive. You can find the most durable and flexible designs in PVC patches. These days peoples are likely to turn into the modern world. In that regard, instead of woven and embroidery, PVC patches work best.


  1. Used for branding a company, club, or group.
  2. Not expensive means affordable 
  3. Durability is well enough. 
  4. They are Universal and used for other purposes too
  5. They are waterproof and colorfast, also
  6. Easy to take off with a velcro patch

Tactical Patches:

In today’s world, it’s rare to see an operator not wearing tactical patches. It is a kind of military symbol that contains strong messages. Tactical patches are the types of patches that are used to communicate and label vital information essential to the tactical community. By having excellent design and clever messages, they boost morale and promote connection. 

So, there are two types of tactical patches; covert and non-covert patches. Covert patches emit a distinguished glow when viewed through special instruments, while non-covert patches reflect the utmost white light. Overall, tactical patches have many different uses and are the solution to common problems.


  1. They quickly access the designation of ranks and levels.
  2. They can personalize them to claim the operator’s load. 
  3. Reflective coatings can be summed up to help distinguish between friends and enemies.
  4. They have already achieved remarkable popularity in the civilian world.
  5. They stay for the inevitable future.
  6. The tactical patch is made up for a special event; after that, it removes. A custom velcro patch backing made it easy.

Woven Patches:

Most people are confused between embroidery patches and women’s patches because they sound similar. Woven patches are those types of patches that sew a design into a chunk of cloth with thread. At the same time, embroidery patches are those whose structure is completed by an interlacing thread.  

They are perfect for a patch with small lettering and intricate details. However, it has the power to capture designs with clarity better than embroidery patches. The trend of woven patches will always be around and valuable. Undoubtedly, these patches offer a perfect alternative to embroidered patches.


  1. Woven patches have a flat surface and seamless appearance.
  2. A smooth texture and increased detail make woven patches unique among our threaded patch options.
  3. It has flexibility, especially in terms of design.
  4. They can be attached to virtually any garment or fabric item 
  5. Woven patches are cheaper than embroidery patches
  6. It can be made for sew-on as well as velcro patch backing.

Rubber Patches:

Rubber patches are the types of patches that are made up of PVC, rubber silicone, and microfiber. They are available in different colors and can be customized either. Rubber patches have a 3D surface that looks awesome and even helps for branding purposes. They also have different borders like razor-cut borders, Laser cut borders, Merrowed borders, stitch borders, and hot-cut borders.

Rubber patches are used in shoes, bags, garments, uniforms, pants, caps, and sportswear. Their materials are entirely perfect for the environment and waterproof. Color will not fade when it comes in contact with direct sunlight. 


  1. 3D PVC Badge, which is made from soft polyvinyl chloride.
  2. It has a fair elastic feature that can be directly sewn on the bag, garment, and shoes.
  3. It is washable.
  4. More striking color logo.
  5. That type of patch is moisture-resistant and durable.
  6. If the patches are not made for sew-on, custom velcro patches help remove and apply the patch.

Backing Options for The Top Ten Types Of Patches

In all the above, we discussed all the types of patches. But different patches backing options are also available according to the required product on which the patch is to be applied.

Why Choose Us in The Selecting for Top Ten Types of Patches:

In all the above discussion, if you need help understanding or getting confused in selecting from the top 10 patches. For this purpose, you need a professional custom patch maker. Who guides you according to the product on which the patch is used?
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