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Olivia William January 18, 2023

The fabric label or garment label is one of the most critical investments in the business. It gives a professional and brandy look that attracts customers. Whether a promotional label or a care instruction label, it will do its duty well. It can differentiate you from other competitors. However, when you go to a shop to choose your brand. Their different materials, qualities, and features will confuse you. After reading this article, you will quickly understand all the top nine types of fabric labels that will help you select the best for you.

For some people, it is just a little piece of paper. But as a business, you know how important it is. Refrain from considering the investment in labels as a waste of money. It will give you benefits as much as you invest. But the thing is, there are so many different types of fabric labels that will confuse you initially. That’s why we differentiate each of them individually. 

Here are the Nine Types of Fabric Labels 

Different type of fabric labels is chosen for other products. These nine fabric labels help you choose the best for your product, industry, branding, or any purpose.

Care Labels 

Custom care labels are those labels that are cast off for care instruction. When a brand wants to provide instructions like how to use these products and other questions, they use these labels. There are constructive and rigid ways to deliver the correct information. Only some people know how to wash the whole clothes or apply the mask properly. That’s why it is a highly recommended and helpful label for customers.

When a person knows how to use the product properly, it will work even longer than expected, right? Or else it will be ruined or blamed goes on the brand. If you do not want to avoid that, it is better to provide the information the customer seeks. Additionally, it will also create a good impression in front of everyone. It will prove how good or worthwhile your service is.


  1. It delivers the correct information to potential customers 
  2. It will also create your brand image in front of customers 
  3. If you provide accurate data, customers could appropriately use the product. 
  4. These labels are a way to keep your clothes looking new for an extended period.

Clothing Labels 

They are not only used to promote but are beneficial for everyone. Let’s assume you bought a new dress, but its threads are loose and ruined when you wash it. So whose fault is that? As a customer will blame the brand because they do not tell me how to wash it. To avoid these situations, custom clothing labels are the way to go. You can add the size, style, fabric, lining, hazards, and anything that sounds helpful. Just writing “dry clean only” will help also help potential customers.

Moreover, it adds a unique look and promoting tool. It enhances the looks and advertisers. Although, I am not saying that choosing these labels will triple your purchase or take you to the sky overnight. If you help people in any way, they will impress you and find you worthwhile. Overall, clothing care labels are an essential yet integral part of any brand.


  1. It guides you about the product material, hazards, benefits, and so on 
  2. It helps the customers to recognize the brand name 
  3. It produces a personal and recognizable ethos for the business.
  4. In that way, customers know that you are not a mature 
  5. It tells you about things you should do or don’t.

 Custom Labels:

As the name indicates, custom labels give the customization offer. It lets you decide which type of label you dream of. In that way, you have the chance to convert your imagination into reality. Moreover, custom service design is not only for promotional labels but also for environmental advice. Besides advertising, they are utilized for UPC identification, communication pricing, bar codes, usage guidance, addresses, or other places. 

Although, designing custom labels is not an overnight game. It requires a proper theme, colors, design, size, shape, and everything. If you need to improve at all, it is recommended that to get some help. Many online websites help you to design the proper labels. If you allow them, they will create a wow brand for you. But custom labels are the way to go if you want to make it yourself.


  1. You have the chance to convert imagination into reality 
  2. It has no restriction on where to use it; You can use it for any purpose. 
  3. It gives a professional look, as ko labels give 
  4. Selecting any product suits one perfectly 
  5. It will create the brand identity and reflect its image.

Fabric Labels

Custom fabric labels are small labels made up of different materials and become invisible after being worn. It is also used to deliver information to potential customers. It includes branding, fabric, size and shape information, wash care instruction, and other data. From shoes to the shirt, gloves to shock, all labels use fabric material. 

It also tells the proper iron to apply to the garment, the pH of water, how to wash, and other information consumers seek. These labels are utilized only to provide data. So, you are looking for something promotional. In that case, I will not recommend this because it will hide inside and does not contain any promotional data. 


  1. These labels are made from different types of fabric 
  2. It contains information about the product.
  3. Its customized option helps you even better. 
  4. Its primary purpose is to deliver data to the potential customers 
  5. It utilizes informative labels rather than promotional labels

Laundry Labels 

Custom laundry labels tell how to wash clothes, dry clean, iron, and other things. Like if you buy a shirt, laundry labels contain instructions on how to wash it. Like “hand wash only, “Do not bleach”, or “low ironing”. Such brands are beneficial because they contain complete information like the washing technique used and when. 

These labels are used to promote the brand and help them better in finance. It also provides information about products and services. Suppose a title contains proper knowledge about benefits, hazards, and materials. Then people see not only the product but also the brand. It is an opportunity for customer appreciation. 


  1. It provides complete information about the product 
  2. That way, your customers will be impressed not only with the product but with the brand also.
  3. These labels bring a chance to get customers’ appreciation 
  4. It is attached to those garments that need the information
  5. Laundry labels can see and read 

Printed Labels 

As the name indicates, these labels are printed on any material you want. There are many fabrics like satin, Tyvek, woven and many more. Every fabric has its benefits and hazards. It’s up to you which type of fabric label you are looking for. You can also print the brand logo, image, taglines or anything that improves your sales. 

 Designing an aesthetic printed logo is not an overnight game. It requires a fantastic logo and some good graphics for a good impression. You have to take care of a bit of detail to make it a brand promoter. These custom-printed labels require effort, but when they are finished, they will look better than any other type of label. They contain all the information which you want to put. You can change and create a label just like you desire, from the smallest to the most significant thing.


  1. It includes a logo and brand name that are digitally printed 
  2. You can use any material you want 
  3. Taking care of little detail by yourself will enhance its looks 
  4. It is the brand promoter tool 
  5. It is an excellent value for money as compared to its features.

Satin Labels

Custom satin labels are made of polyester material, which is why it is so soft. It creates glossy surfaces which feel good to touch. Satin is a type of label that is thinner but muscular. Another thing about these labels is that they are easy to peel off. I know peeling is not rocket science, but sometimes it is too much hassle to do that; that’s why they are easy to remove. 

It is for night dresses, jackets, infant clothes, athlete shorts, bedding, blouses, and gowns. Shine can be from one side and on both sides, and it’s your choice. Likewise, it is also woven and printed just like you want. 


  1. These are thinner but muscular 
  2. It is so soft and greasy to feel 
  3. They are easy to apply and remove 
  4. It prevents irritation on sensitive skin 
  5. The Satin thread is so much good than a thread of other labels 
tyvek clothing labels

Tyvek Labels

If you want a label that can survive even in harsh climates, custom Tyvek labels are a good choice. These labels are meant to last longer because of the quality material. Moreover, they are chemical resistant also. It means it does not affect acid or base. Their tear-resistant power will not let the label tear easily. 

 These labels survive even in brutal conditions and temperatures. On the other hand, they are durable enough. Their enduring power makes them more lasting and robust. However, these labels cost more than other labels because of their properties. If starting a new business and has little company costs, you should try other labels and, after some time, move to these labels. They will stand with you like a super from the simplest to the harshest conditions of power. 


  1. It is easy to handle because of its lightweightness 
  2. They are chemical-resistant, tear-resistant, and water resistant
  3. It can survive in harsh condition 
  4. They are durable enough 
  5. Their strength is high as compared to other labels.

Woven Labels

These labels wove together on the loom until they created the desired brand. They are usually made up of cotton and polyester. Their stitches give them a more l t look. That’s why it tends to survive longer. But if you choose labels, there are only limited printed designs because they are woven in the loop. However, when you apply it, it looks so good and addresses your brand.

Additionally, custom-woven labels are of top-notch quality in the whole market. Even designers and industrialists use these labels because they are lustrous and soft on the skin. It will not fade and fry after multiple uses, even after washing again and again. It will stay in the condos as the new one. Overall these labels are so in demand and keep you from losing in anyways. 


  1. It gives a luxurious and smooth feel to the skin 
  2. These are high-quality labels that survive longer 
  3. After multiple washes and uses, it will not wear down or fade.
  4. It contains limited design because they are woven on the loop.
  5. Many designers and brands use them because of their features.

Final Thoughts:

In this article, you learned about the different types of fabric labels and how they have additional features. Some are specially for promotion, and some are used to provide instruction. Some are used as laundry care, and some are woven with loops. Their different material contains different features, which makes them unique for individual purposes. However, many websites have custom label-maker options. That will design according to your theme, and you can do little. Overall, labels are one of the best promotional tools, so you have to choose a suitable option.

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