Swing Tags That Capture Buyer’s Interest and Drive Sales
Olivia William January 26, 2024

Ever walk into a store and feel your eyes instantly drawn to a product, and you think it’s impossible? In this era, companies choose different types of techniques to do that. It’s the only and the best way to get the attention of other customers and get a valuable worth in the market. But you think, how is it possible? Then the answer is to use the hang tags that make your product appealing, and It’s the only and the best way to get the attention of buyers.

Furthermore, different types of tag styles make products pop, drawing our attention and enticing us. Remember embellishments like ribbons, string, twine, or raffia to give your tags added dimension. Tie on natural fibers or patterned ribbons in coordinating colors. Little touches like these create a visual interest that reels customers in.

Choose Eye-Catching Materials

When it comes to custom price tags, you want ones that grab attention and highlight the great deals in your store. The materials stocks you choose can make a significant impact. Option for cardstock or cardboard over the plain paper. Thicker materials hold up better and convey a higher quality, professional image. They also allow you the best possibilities to get creative with shapes that stand out.

Choose the Bright Colors

Use bright, eye-catching colors that complement your brand. Red is a popular choice for sales, but any bold color will do. You can also do color blocking with two colors for extra pop. Remember embellishments like ribbons, string, twine, or raffia to give your tags added dimension.

Use Clear and Consistent Fonts

When choosing custom tags with strings, using clear and consistent fonts is vital for customers to read and understand the information quickly. Hence, they know what they’re getting and how much it costs. These clean, minimal fonts are easy on the eyes and highly legible. Avoid fancy cursive or script fonts, which can be challenging to read, especially from a distance.

Be consistent in choosing the size.

Be consistent in the fonts, sizes, styles and shapes you use for all your custom die-cut hang tags. Don’t mix and match different fonts or randomly change sizes. Keep them uniform so customers can quickly scan and compare prices. Use the same font for the product name, price, sale price, and any other details on the tag.

Well design with Prices

Use bolding, italics, or different colors to help certain information stand out, like sale prices or product names. But stick to the same font family. A complementary color scheme across all tags also helps them look cohesive and polished. Well-designed custom price tags with string with straightforward, consistent typography significantly impact customers. So, take the time to choose fonts and styles that make your merchandise shine!

Photos Sell the Product

When posting photos, be sure to use high-resolution images that load quickly. Write captions that reiterate details about the product, like dimensions, materials, color options, and usage. Using photos and captions together helps reinforce your messaging and makes the most of your visual content.

Use photos that show the your product with personalized tag clearly and accurately. Take shots of the item alone on a plain background, in use, or in a lifestyle scene. A photo of any product against a white wall so customers can see details. This helps customers envision how they might use the product and the ambiance it could create. It reassures customers about the quality and brand of the item.

Stay Active On Social Media

Sale, sale and sale, a single word used three times, has a very powerful impact; sale tags with string attract the buyers and translate into sales, strengthening your brand identity and building familiarity. Keep your product photos with promotional tags current and consistent across all platforms, including your website, social media, ads, etc. Well-chosen photos and an enticing product description are a winning combination to capture the interest.


When you want to make your product visible and impressive, here are simple tips to make your Hang tags stand out and capture interest. String and twine are inexpensive materials that can add visual appeal and a handcrafted feel to your product displays. Choosing touches like these helps create an experience for your customers and keeps them engaged.

Companies that make custom tags lead to higher customer satisfaction, more browsing time in your store, and ultimately increased sales. Why not try one of these ideas in your own business? You have nothing to lose and more deals to gain. Make your price tags pop, and watch as customers take notice.

You can see more updates on the Tagging and Labelling Blog.


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