How Custom Satin Labels For Clothes Made And Where To Get Them?
Olivia William December 24, 2022

Are you tired of looking around and waiting for the perfect satin-based label for your clothing brand? Has it been a hassle finding the right supplier? Usually, no need to panic since we have covered you. since we have covered you. Enter the world of custom satin labels to create something per your requirements.

If the stuff you need to be made aware of or find confusing, a supplier worth their name will be happy to help. As far as technicalities go, there aren’t many details that you need to be aware of. Just a few basic things are mentioned below;

What Is The Ideal Shape For Custom Printed Satin Labels

Believe it or not, the ideal shape for custom-printed satin labels is whatever your brand requires. If your brand requires it, it can be a circular, rectangular, or even a square-form label. Furthermore, the first thing you need to eliminate from your to-do list is the shape. Once you get that figured out, it is time for the next step; measurements.

Measurements are one of the most critical factors contributing to cost and eventually shaping the label. There is a straightforward way to measure the labels, and you have to provide the supplier with the length and width of the required labels. With time, you may have come across numerous styles of satin garment labels. However, most of these labels tend to be rectangular because the trend demands it. 

Even though the trend may require so, you are open to more than the same old shapes and can custom-create your own. Let’s say your brand logo is a hexagon, and you would like that to be embedded into the labels, then this is the way to go. 

Buying satin labels is helpful with bulk numbers because the price makes sense. When you order custom satin clothing labels in bulk quantity, you are entitled to a price per unit, which is where it gets tricky. The number of units will help you get a lower price per unit, so the price is inversely proportional to the number of units. Increasing the number of units you order, the better the price per unit you will be entitled to.

Printing And Designing Garment Labels The Right Way

Now, a few things must be considered pre-design when printing on satin. First and foremost, printing on satin is nothing like printing on paper, and that is because satin is based on fibers. To obtain an accurate print, keeping the design minimal in the color count is recommended. Custom satin clothing labels are all about the requirement. Since they last longer, the material used is a semi-synthetic polymer.

You can print them in one, two, or three-color designs depending on your requirement. Although there are only a few fancy-designed printed satin clothing labels, there are some categories or types of labels they are sorted by. We will go through some of them to give you an idea of what to look for but before that, be aware that most satin labels have to be sewn on. 

Moving back, two primary categories for satin garment labels are-sided labels and back labels. Depending on the type of clothing, brands tend to move around the labels for various reasons. For example, the warnings label and clothing care labels are satin-based, and so is the brand label at the collar. The warning label usually lists preferred washing methods, drying instructions, temperature, and material specifications.

Sometimes, based on the material of the clothing, there is also a flammable warning label embedded into or separately from the rest. Last but not least, there are always custom satin labels at the side of the clothing carrying an extra button (in case of a buttoned clothing item) for lost or broken buttons. 

Got A Message for Your Client? Here’s How To Use Custom Satin Labels, To Convey;

Even though your brand is recognized, leaving a special “thank you for buying” may be a good idea. You can use a label made of satin to impart that message to your client and make it unique for them. There is a reason why satin material is chosen to carry out these warning labels and brand labels; rigidity. It is difficult to tear off a satin label because they are usually sewn on a piece of clothing. Satin material is made to last and can be printed with any color you require. The base and default color usually are white or black, but it does not have to be.

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