Facts of Printed Custom Spot UV Hang Tags, Stickers and Labels.
Olivia William January 20, 2023

Get everyone’s attention with sophisticated printed custom Spot UV hang tags, stickers and labels. Whether you order them for personal use or business, these custom spot UV hangs tags provide a unique look and astonishing grace that’s hard to rival.

Custom UV hang labels have been widely ordered in the industries like jewelry and fashion. The spot UV hang stickers add a high-end look to the product. These tags are also used in party favor tags, thank you cards, birth announcements, gender reveals, unique invitations, home ceremonies, business cards and endless possibilities. 

What are Printed Custom Spot UV Hang Tags, Labels or Stickers?

Spot UV is a method in which high gloss ultra-violent coating is applied to a product. It uses ultraviolet light to mend the material varnish to the printed product. These hang stickers or custom labels give targeted spots a shiny, vibrant, protective coating. When the ink is melted on the plastic, it will not fade or peel off even after a long time.

These one-sided rectangular decals add elegance and sophistication to any piece product. Spot UV hang tags are also hailed spot-up labels. They contain excellent colored graphics backgrounds and can be attached to the seam, in the necklace or on top of any garment. If we talk about custom spot UV labels, they are also used for designer labels to add a sense of beauty and luxury. 

Four Benefits of Printed Custom Spot UV Hang Tags, Labels or Stickers:

Custom spot UV hang tags, stickers and labels are a wow idea to add beauty to your product. They are made to apply direct heat to the surface of the product. You can apply the way of printing inside and outside the creation and use it to provide important information. Overall, these hang tags offer a perfect way to promote development, reflect the brand identity and stand upon different types of packaging. For better understanding, we shortlist the four benefits of using custom spot UV hang tags to help you understand and know their function more appropriately.

Printed Custom Spot UV Gives a Professional Appearance:

Whether it is a tag, sticker or label? Spot UV gives a professional look that enhances the product and your brand. The first noticeable thing when the customer buys something is how the brand exhibits the effect. In that regard, these tags will support you in increasing sales and creating an image in customers’ eyes. The vibrant looks make your product stand out on the shelves of stores or in the hand of customers.

Protect from Scratches and Dirt:

It has a layer of protection to protect against scratches and dirt. They are coated with a special ink made of rugged and lightweight polyester. Most stickers are likely to fade in the sun, but custom UV spot stickers help to save the print from dirt, scratches and anything that harm that. It makes them ideally save for gift cards, wraps, clothing tags and many more. Protection is one of the most important things that no customers ignore, and luckily, custom spot hangs tags provide us with that.

Attract the Attention:

Custom spot UV labels are an attractive and popular way to promote the business and attract attention. You can add a brand logo, taglines, product images or anything worth seeing. Adding the care instructions will help the customers to use the product more correctly. In that regard, it’s good to add a few words about how to clean or use it etc. In that way, you can accomplish two purposes; provide attention to information or promote simultaneously. 

Reflect the Brand Identity:

When the customer first buys the product, the brand must guide and tell everything about the materials. For that purpose, custom spot UV hang tags are the best way to make a first impression in front of customers. Feel lucky that you have the option of spot labels to make your product shine. 


No matter if you want to start a new fashion trend, add an extra touch to the garments, promote the business or attract attention. Spot UV hang stickers are the stickers that you should have. These cost-efficient tags are a powerful tool for elegance and a muted method to promote the business. They are made up of applying heat directly, saving the product from scratches and dirt.

These provide a better look, safety and durability to the product in an inexpensive way that everyone should try. If you need assistance making your custom spot UV hang tags, stickers or labels, Tags N Labels will help you from design to finished product. Order now to get free design support with free of cost shipping in all over the US, UK and all EU countries.


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