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tags April 11, 2023

Custom price tags with strings are labels or tags created and printed with precise pricing information for a product or group of products. It is an essential part of the retail business. They not only help in the organization of the product but also give details like the price and all the product details. They also have a string or cord attached to them to be attached to the item or items sold.

These different types of tags are customized to meet the unique requirements of a business. They are available in various shapes, sizes, and materials. We frequently utilize these tags in retail establishments, markets, and other locations where goods sell to clients. They can print the product name, price, and barcode on them and make them from various materials, including paper, cardboard, or plastic. This article will discuss the custom price tags and strings offered, their advantages, and how to pick the best one for your company.

custom price tags

Different categories of custom price tags and strings:

There are many types of custom tags and lines available for retail businesses. The most common types of custom price tags include the following;

Paper tags:

The most basic and affordable form of price tag is this one. You can find price tags made from paper in any shape and size you desire. Paper bags are ideal for small businesses on a budget because they are simple to print on with many inkjet or laser printers. It is also the best option for your pricing tags because it is inexpensive to produce.

Plastic tags:

Another type of this tag is a plastic tag. Plastic bags are more durable than paper tags in comparison, and they work best for products that are heated and exposed to heat. Additionally, it comes in various sizes, colors, and shapes. With a range of inkjet or laser printers, it is simple to print on.

String tags:

Like paper, plastic, or all types of tags, string thread connects tags to clothing, making them more accessible. They are best for products that display on shelves or racks. String tags are readily printed with inkjet or laser printers and come in various sizes and forms.

Benefits of custom price tags and strings

The benefits of using these tags are as follows.

Professional appearance:

Price tags with strings give your products a polished, well-organized appearance. They can help boost sales by making it simple for buyers to obtain the required facts, such as price and product specifications, and it will be helpful for you to increase sales.


Tags and strings are the most excellent way to promote your business because they can print with your contact information, company logo, and colors, significantly boosting consumer loyalty and brand recognition.


These tags stay a long time, which can help you avoid having to buy replacements as often.


Your products can stay organized and straightforward to find with the help of personalized price tags and strings. You can use them to categorize products by size, color, or category, making it easier for shoppers to find what they want.

Helpful for business 

These tags also make tracking inventory easy and restocking items as needed. Custom spot UV hang tags can help improve the overall shopping experience for customers. You can also use them for promotional or marketing purposes to drive sales and increase brand awareness. Businesses can use them to ensure all products are labelled and presented consistently.

Selection of best custom price tags and strings

It’s essential to consider the kind of products you are selling, the setting where they will present, and your budget when selecting custom price tags and strings.

  • Plastic bags are the best choice since they are more resilient than paper tags for products exposed to heat or moisture.
  • String tags are an excellent choice for products hung on racks or shelves since they make it simple to hang the product.
  • On the other hand, Paper tags are a reasonable choice if you’re on a small budget.


In conclusion, custom price tags and strings are crucial to every retail operation. They offer a practical and expert method for displaying costs, product details, and branding. Paper, plastic, and string price tags are just a few personalized price tags and strings offered. Each style has distinct advantages; therefore, selecting one based on the product’s type, the setting in which it will show, and your budget is best. 

Also, custom label makers can help you design according to your style and design. Help your businesses maintain product organization, boost brand recognition and client loyalty, and present themselves more professionally.

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