Why Does Everyone Use Satin for Clothing and Apparel Labels?
Olivia William March 9, 2023

Custom satin labels are used as clothing and apparel labels. Likewise, they are perfect for adding details and care instructions for customers. That will make them love you more. Unlike other brands, multifunctional custom satin labels include lightweight, strong, and softness. Overall, they are easy to use, and their material is made to satisfy you.

Why for Clothing and Apparel Labels?

There are many types of label material, but satin labels are made from polyester-type material and are found on almost all clothes. Satin is an upcoming way that makes clothes look smooth. On the other hand, it gives shine to either one or both sides. It allows a high level of detail and care instruction that is excellent for consumers. 

You can put these labels on clothes like formal, lingerie, bedding, and infant. These are so soft that they will not pinch your skin. Satin brands also include quotes; you can order from here if you want them. Good detail in the product helps the customers to use the product longer and adequately.

Making & Using Clothing and Apparel Labels

 It is commonly used in athletic shorts, nightdresses, satin baseball jackets, and lingerie. It is also used in evening gowns, men’s boxers, shirts, and the production of pointe shoes in ballet. Other purposes include upholstery, bed sheet, and internal decorating fabrics. As you can see, its uses are almost every cloth in the living world.

Custom printed labels are the type of textile that makes the fabric glossy, but how? It knitted utilizing four warp threads passing over with one weft thread getting on under. The thread used is mostly silk wool or polyester yields satin. That does not create interlace in lines and results in a flat back or glossy surface. They contain one shiny gloss you must put on one side, and all sides will turn dull to polished. 

Why Recommended?

They are highly recommended due to their versatile functions. A need of satin label printer is always there for labelling clothes or garments. Using them as leading labels or other care content labels. They are made up of a texture that is durable, soft enough, and easily printable; that’s why it isn’t easy to compete with others.

People are already familiar with custom satin labels due to their popularity. Hence they are the same as woven labels and even easier to work and use. The material is flat and accepts a printed image, making the already good into better. These labels contain custom quotes and small text, so you can use either if your logo is detailed.

Advantages of Clothing and Apparel Labels:

They are specially designed for clothing, senior labels, boutique garments, and many other industries. Here are some reasons why you prefer that label over others labels.

●   Thinner but Stronger: 

Satin clothing labels are thinner compared to the other types of labels. They are light in weight, but stronger entitles strong tags. So you feel free to tie the label to your garments. Overall, their thinness gives them strength and looks into the product.

●   Add Details or Care Instructions for Customers:

Another critical point of printed satin labels is that you can add more precise details woven into the tags. Like how to take care of one, washing the garments, things to do while using it, or the proper way to use it. These instructions help customers use the product efficiently and show how much you take care of your customers. Making the font side of these labels easy to read will make them more appealing & attract buyers.

●   So Much Soft as Compared to Others:

Believe me or not, custom satin labels should be much softer than other brands. For those who have sensitive skin or irritation, these labels won’t disappoint you. Using these labels means you can freely label the child’s clothes or older adults from getting lost. Their softness impresses you as much as you. Buy again.

●   Easy to Use:

In this manner, if stitching is not required for the label. It can be made for ironing-on. They are easy to use and not delicate as silk labels. Moreover, ordering custom iron-on labels allows you to choose the way of devotion that sounds easiest. 


In simple words, satin labels are fabric branding labels. Use for multipurpose containing branding logo, caring, handling & washing instructions. If you need branding help, you must find the best label manufacturer online to make your labels vibrant & attractive for adding extra luxury to your garment.


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