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Olivia William May 30, 2023

Morale patches are a sense of pride and honor for those who wear them. These are for the military and those who sacrifice their lives to protect us. It is a way to show sentiments among those people who didn’t notice these superheroes. If we see the other side of the coin, it is best to share stories and jokes.

The use of these patches started a long time ago, even before World War I. At that time, they had not named morale patches but worked so. On the other hand, they also work as award trophies, and people work with dedication and dignity to win that.

Staying away from your family can be challenging. Be in the military and sacrifice your whole life for the country. The one way to get them paid is to give them respect and honor. In that case, the types of patches that will help you.

History Of Morale Patches That Everyone Should Know

If we start from the beginning, custom morale patches come from the British. Surveys concluded that these patches were utilized before the advent of these patches, even before World War 1. At that time, the British army wore them and called them “battle patches.” They wore it to verify the difference between enemies and allies. On the other hand, verification is the main reason, but that patch has more to do with anything else. If you dig deeper, you will get to know the importance of it.

On the other hand, coined ideas work best to stimulate these patches among companions. That is when these patches started to be used, but not everyone adopted that idea. When the Americans got involved, it didn’t earn enough attraction then. But the US department was impressed by it, so they created creative designs for morale patches.

You must have heard the word Velcro whenever anyone talks about these patches. Custom velcro patches are used in shoes, bags, watches, and apparel. Additionally, its role as a Velcro hook and hoop is crucial while creating custom patches. Before the Velcro backing options, the user must stitch it on their uniform, which takes time. Besides this, if there are stuck ones, it is difficult to remove them. Even pins sometimes cannot be utilized because of inappropriate results. Thanks to Velcro that can be easily applied and removed

The First Morale Patch

According to the report, the first custom tactical patches with Velcro discovers in the 81st Infantry Division, Wildcat. That is the patch used in the first world war when the sentiments got high due to the fighting problems. They were used when the military wanted to allocate the actual meaning to their mission.

If we dig custom, these patches also work as an award. If you are involved in the battle for more than 30 days, you will be awarded these patches. It was a moment of unity and dignity among everyone. Like any other patch, it was not meant to be promotional initially. It contains its history and steps to reach its popularity.

Right after the Wild Cats’ participation, there was a senior United States Army officer named John J. Pershing. They ordered every unit, department, and branch to design the custom morale patch. If that differed from the official order, these patches might lose somewhere in history. They desire to work as part of something bigger. Almost no other patch is as famous as these patches were then.


Being in the military and sacrificing your whole life for your homeland is difficult. They face so many difficult situations and devote their lives. Moreover, It contains effort and even requires them to leave their loved ones. In that case, the best thing we can give them is a complete sense of pride. For that purpose, morale patches get discovered. Their effort needs to be paid off with honor and respect.

Additionally, custom patch makers give you a choice to design what you desire. Now every department and unit contains custom patches that identify themselves correctly. Overall, the use of these patches started a long time ago and still kept its trend.

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