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Olivia William April 12, 2023

What are morale patches? How, when, and why are they used? This article answers everything about these patches. People use numerous different types of patches. These patches are presented to customize your clothes and equipment. They are there to make your clothes more exciting or to symbolize various teams or organizations.

You can add any logo, design, color, and shape to your clothes using these patches. They are used in the military, by many sports teams, by police, by scouts, and also for fashion.

A morale patch is an ornamental military insignia with humorous images and expressions. They can identify with a particular unit, such as a division or rank. They are designed to boost self-esteem and pride.

Morale patches are often presented to individuals or teams to showcase their honor and dedication. The military usually does not authorize these patches on an official uniform. Still, they are often found on military clothing or gear.

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What Do Morale Patches Represent?

Some of these patches represent the military history and are culturally significant to soldiers and law enforcement personnel. They represent a shared pride and loyalty among a military squad or battalion. Other than military personnel, these patches are also seen adorning the uniforms of police officers, firefighters, and emergency medical staff.

These patches show dedication towards a particular objective and are ideal for team building. Such patches create a bond between the teams, a bond of unity and responsibility. 

Custom morale patches have a peculiar meaning and show personality and charm. These patches are artistic, which means a lot to the people who wear them because they serve as honor and respect towards the position.

At the same time, the official military patches are used to indicate rank and serve as combat awards. They are ideal for honoring your unit while showcasing your unique experiences and pride. Custom-made patches raise the spirit and dedication of the individuals. 

Today, many companies in the market create different types of custom embroidered patches and iron-on patches on customers’ demand. These patches are cloth edge objects made using fabric backing and thread, including embroidery in different styles and colors. Various patch shapes and sizes and thread and twill colors create the perfect look.

People usually create iron-on patches, sew-on patches, pin patches, and hook & loop patches for use on uniforms, hats, duffel bags, and any other item they choose. They aim to promote enthusiasm, confidence, and loyalty among their employees or the specific unit.

These patches are used to build morale and inspire their recipients. They are made from soft rubber or embroidered, and it is easy to design both styles in a custom shape and size. These are one of the prominent accessories among millennials. 

About Custom Velcro Patches

Custom Velcro patches are easy, durable, and have a Velcro stick-on surface that has a manageable adherence and can customize in any shape, like “Velcro circle patches.” They are a timeless embellishment that never gets old. Up to 9 embroidery threads are primarily used to curate a cool Velcro patch in any customizable format.

These patches come with tactical patches with velcro holders in a loop to sew. They will be directly compatible with any support equipped with a Velcro surface. These are a popular choice to use on backpacks. A vast array of customization options are available on different websites. Choose the text, patch color, and size easily according to the desired theme.

Many people love collecting military patches and wearing them on special occasions. The collections are precious to sit in the closet box or some drawer. They are legal to wear even if you aren’t military personnel. 


In conclusion, patches are worn by people who save lives. These patches with unique designs represent their passion and boost their morale while performing their duties. Morale patches customize equipment, identify different departments within a force, and recognize officers’ service and good work.

These patches are also used for rewarding purposes that involve promotion to a higher rank or their years of service. Wearing these patches embellish your outfit in a meaningful way. On the web, you can easily find a custom patch maker to customize patches to embellish your clothes, backpacks, and equipment.

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