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Olivia William May 12, 2023

Morale patches are widely used in almost every industry where they work to distinguish the units and departments. It serves as an honor and dedication to the people who wear them. Patches raise the spirit and can be easily attached and removed. It contains funny images and quotes that catch each eye and makes them more attractive.

However, if you believe it is only a trend nowadays, then you’re wrong. These patches were widely used in the ’90s too. Even in World War 1, these patches were utilized by the British. Likewise, moral patches are the types of patches that have been with us even for centuries. Sometimes they are used by firefighters, and sometimes by the military. All matter is how you design and then use it wherever you want.

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Here Are The Facts About Custom Morale Patches:

Moreover, many interesting facts about these patches will surely shock you.

Where the Morale Patch Came From

If we look at history, these patches are a substantial part of it. Even law enforcement agents and military soldiers are genuinely connected to it. Moreover, People have been wearing these patches for a very long time, even before World War 1. You can track the patches to the British army these days, and they call them “battle patches.”

As you can see, these patches came over a decade ago. But before, they used only distinctive designs that belonged to each unit. In that way, you know who was who. The use of these patches increases; they can also be worn by individuals unrelated to the military. 

What Was The First Morale Patch:

You can say The first morale patch was so named “the blood chit.” 

But at that time, there was no term used or name for morale patch; it was just a notice carried by military personnel. They address civilians who may come as armed service members (such as shot-down pilots). They sew on the inside of flight jackets. 

Moreover, these patches were given by President George Washington in 1793 for the first time. These patches were termed “chit,” which means a small note. But today, it is widely termed as “morale patches.” These are still present at work and contain the insignia-style message. 

Trading Morale Patches Were Prevalent. 

If you look into the past, these trading custom morale patches became extremely popular. In the 1920s, the patches were widespread and extraordinary. It was unique and beautiful for everyone and became an item for trading and collecting. That’s where the importance of patches start increasing and now become normal for everyone.

Furthermore, these patches are a successful manner of bringing the civilian folk in with the military population. It makes the military and law enforcement agencies more approachable to the public. Overall, it is widely utilized by the military with quotes to catch the attention.

Our Oldest Superhero Also Has A Morale Patch. 

If you research some of the most unique and famous patches, you will find that our oldest hero also has the morale patch. Yes, Superheroes like Superman also use their boosting patches. That is how the use of the moral patch started increasing. In that way, you can understand that it is not only for the military but for all the people who save lives and play an essential role in our life.

Try a custom patch maker if the standard patch does not meet your expectations, and it allows you to design the patch with your desired design. Moreover, if you want long-term quality, try custom tactical patches that can apply to any clothes without hassle. That way, you can use the patch on both sides because that looks more beautiful.

It Is Found Almost Everywhere.

All the people from the military to police, firefighters to EMTs, canine officers to coast guard use these patches. They Are famous for being far and wide in representing each unit and department. However, it makes them proud and shows their dedication to the work. The benefits of using a custom velcro patch are easily applied or removed. It is an honor, respect, and values loyalty, among others. 

A Conclusion, Facts About Morale Patches:

Today, these patches are utilized by almost all government groups and civilians. It is perfect whether you are an enthusiast, collector, family, operator, or other civilization. It’s not like it was invented in the ’20s. People used these patches from World War 1, and at that time, it was named “the blood chit.” While most patches move to Polyvinyl chloride, you will still find other materials. 

Furthermore, it is not just a patch for those who wear it; it is an honor and pride movement. It is also used to promote and increase brand awareness. By using these patches, your hard work can be noticeable to everyone. If you have yet to learn, a custom patch manufacturer can help you make your required product appearance perfect and unique.

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