Difference between kiss cut and die cut stickers
Olivia William April 14, 2022

There are a variety of choices available for making a purchase for custom sticker. One of the main choices is in between the kiss-cut stickers as well as cutting die cuts.

The differences between these two stickers are minimal. They look identical when removed. Even though they’re identical, they serve two distinct purposes.

We will walk you through the distinction between kiss and die cut stickers, so that you are able to make an informed choice and enjoy the best results.

How to Define Sticker type?

While they appear identical, a die-cut sticker comes with the backing cut exactly to the size of the pattern. The kiss-cut sticker usually includes a square backing surrounding the design, which is larger than the design.

With the same image Both types of stickers can be cut to any shape, and they appear exactly the same when placed on surfaces. So, which one should you select?

What is a die-cut sticker?

Die cut stickers have a custom shape. They are cut along the edges of your design using both the backing paper and vinyl layers.

Die cut stickers can be cut to precisely the form of the custom design. This is the reason they are our most sought-after sticker option. They look like:

What is a Kiss Cut Sticker?

Kiss cut stickers, however, they are cut into the layer of vinyl only. The backing paper stays in place. This means you can only peel a portion of the sticker off the backing.

You may still select the custom shape, however kiss cut stickers will come with additional backing on the back of the design. They appear like this.

What is the best time to pick which sticker?

How can you decide which sticker to pick? We’ve collected a few benefits and the best applications of kiss and die cut stickers. Find out the best sticker for you.

Die cut benefits and applications

• It is a low-cost option since there is a cutoff per label.
• This is where the back paper’s edge meets the label. This allows you to visualize what the sticker will appear like on the substrate you’re applying it to.
• Fantastic if you plan to sell your designs as stickers for your clients.
• Ideal for striking designs that you’d like to apply on notebooks, phones, bikes or water bottles.

Kiss cut benefits and has many uses

• The stickers have an additional backing paper on the outside of the sticker. It could print with the business’ name, web address or contact information, making them very effective giveaways at events.
• If you’ve got intricate artwork Kiss cut stickers are an ideal alternative because the backing paper will protect the sticker from damage until it’s put on.
• The backing paper is extra and allows easy peeling which makes these stickers much easier to apply.


One of the questions we’ve been receiving often recently comes from ” What is the difference between a kiss and die cut sticker?”
The answer is easy. As you can see below, the image shows an Kiss Cut Sticker to a Die Cut Sticker.

Kiss Cut sticker -The way you can see to the left side in the picture above, a kiss cut sticker is quite similar to a die cut sticker. The main difference is that the sticker’s backing isn’t cut according to what the design of the sticker.
Die Cut Stickers – A Die Cut Sticker is a sticker that has been cut into an exact shape. (view the example photo on left).
Hope this will help.


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